Ten planes diverted due to the wind felt at the airport

From midnight until 12 noon on Tuesday, March 26, 10 aircraft were diverted from Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport.

The wind continues to make landings in Madeira difficult, with several flights diverting to the airport of origin, but also Faro and Tenerife.

EasyJet flight EJU7631, coming from Lisbon, was forced, after circling around waiting for an open flight, to return to Humberto Delgado Airport.

British Airways flight BA 520 diverged yesterday to Porto Santo, having spent the night on Ilha Dourada. This morning he tried to land in Madeira, but had to divert to Tenerife.

The same happened with the Binter aircraft, coming from Porto Santo, which returned to its origin.

From London, easyJet flight EZY8519 ended up diverting to Faro airport.

The Azores Airlines aircraft, with flight number S43162, was also forced to return to the Azores, after trying to land in Madeira airport.

There are also two flights from the Portuguese airline TAP, from Lisbon (TP1685 and TP1687), which returned to their origin.

The easyJet aircraft (EJU4435), from Lyon, and the cargo plane (WT128) also traveled to Tenerife airport.

There are several delays to be noted, as well as the planes that continue ‘circling’.

Although there were some openings that made it possible for some aircraft to land, the situation continues to ‘worry’ those intending to arrive and leave the island.

With regard to cancellations, there are three records: TAP flight 1688, from Lisbon, Azores Airlines -S41688 and Ryanair (FR265A), from Porto.

The maximum gust recorded this Tuesday was 84 km/h, however a maximum wind of 70 km/h was recorded in the last hour at the meteorological station at Madeira Airport

source: https://www.madeiraislandnews.com/2024/03/ten-planes-diverted-due-to-the-wind-felt-at-the-airport.html

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